Driving a sustainable future at SNK System

At SNK SYSTEM S.L., our commitment to sustainability and innovation has taken a significant step forward with the recent installation of a photovoltaic system at our center in Sant Andreu de la Barca. Since March 1st, this 380 kW/hour system not only powers our operations and process improvements but also marks our transition towards cleaner and more efficient production. Additionally, this change strengthens our reputation as leaders in innovation and environmental responsibility, attracting partners and customers who value sustainability.

Maximizing Solar Energy

Our new photovoltaic installation currently covers 75% of our energy consumption. This achievement is the result of meticulous planning and significant investment in cutting-edge technology.

We have intentionally designed the system to oversize our current capacity, anticipating future energy needs that will accompany our growth and expansion in the coming years.

Furthermore, it makes us less dependent on external energy suppliers, protecting the company against price fluctuations and potential supply interruptions, offering greater long-term energy security.

Innovation and Efficiency in Production

One of the most significant impacts of this investment is on our production capacity, especially in the development of our exclusive zinc-nickel coating JR2000®. By increasing energy generation, we are paving the way for expanded production, allowing us to meet growing demand and maintain our market-leading position. This improvement in production efficiency strengthens our competitiveness and contributes to our vision of continuous expansion and improvement.

Environmental and Social Contributions

We not only use this energy for our operations but also share the surplus with the local electrical grid. At SNK SYSTEM, we take pride in actively promoting the use of renewable energy and sustainable practices, thereby reducing our environmental impact and contributing to the stability and sustainability of our local electrical system. To date, we have reduced the equivalent of nearly 80 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reinforcing our commitment to the environment and corporate responsibility policies.

Real-Time Energy Monitoring and Management

Thanks to the use of an app, our plant manager and coordinators can control and monitor the entire energy generation and usage system in real time through this specially designed application. This tool provides precise data on energy performance, allowing us to continuously optimize our efficiency and make proactive adjustments to further improve our energy performance.

This detailed control facilitates decision-making with real and accurate information, which in turn maximizes operational efficiency and reduces energy costs.

Looking Towards a Sustainable Future

The photovoltaic installation in Sant Andreu de la Barca is just the beginning of our commitment to an environmentally friendly future. At SNK SYSTEM S.L., we are determined to be a model of sustainability and efficiency, ensuring not only our long-term success but also the well-being of the community and the environment. Our vision is clear: to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, from production to final delivery, and to demonstrate that a responsible industry is not only possible but also profitable.