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Industrial Fixings and Screws

Thanks to our proven experience,

Of more than two decades working in the industry, our name has become a synonymous with quality.

For years, we at SNK System have earned a reputation as a reliable and customer – oriented company with a growing business – and, therefore, as experts in bolts and fasteners, offering the best solutions to the demanding building, agri-food and renewables industries, among others.

We add value through the best specialized advice.

Comprehensive Fastener Services

Our Work Process at SNK


Product manufacturing

The product is manufactured according to specifications and it is verified that it meets the required quality standards.


Quality control

An exhaustive inspection of the product is carried out to ensure that it complies with the specifications and thus avoid possible irregularities.


JR2000 Coating

A ZnNi coating is applied, using an electrostatic coating process to ensure a uniform and durable adhesion.


Quality control

A second quality control is carried out to verify the application of the coating and ensure that it meets the quality standards.



The finished product is stored and distributed, complying with the agreed delivery deadlines.

Contact to Purchase Industrial Fasteners

Our sales team will guide you throughout the process to purchase industrial fasteners.

Industrial Fasteners for Professionals

We have a unique expertise
built on our many years of working with industrial steel bolting and fastening systems for large customers, and we specialize in all types of metal industry-specific coatings.

Our main line business is the wholesale of bolts and fasteners, and we are currently leading the industry in Spain. We supply stainless steel and coated carbon steel parts to top construction, metal silo, greenhouse and solar panel companies, among others.

We owe our success to three key reasons: The quality of our products, our flawless consultancy service – always readily available for our customers, and our ongoing investment in innovation, continuously deploying cutting edge technology across our processes.

At SNK System, we aim to stand out from among our competitors in the bolting industry by staying ahead of our customers’ needs and seeking continuous improvement. This responds to our main goal: Being our customers’ best business partner.

Industrial Screws and Fixings

We always adapt our products and services to the specific requirements of each customer this guarantees their satisfaction and is the most reliable proof of how we work


We offer high-quality screws to achieve solid and durable fastening.


Durable nuts that ensure a safe and reliable connection in your project.


Superior quality washers to provide additional support and stability in your applications.


Reliable and durable fastening products to ensure a safe installation.


We offer a wide range of fastening products to meet all your needs.

We help our customers bring their projects to life everywhere in the world, regardless of the project size. This is the main reason why, when we prepare their orders, we factor in the relevant customs clearance requirements and the transportation type needed so that our products reach their destination in perfect condition and within the previously agreed deadlines.

Likewise, our technical department is always available to advise customers about our products and the best coatings to ensure the quality, safety and best price/value ratio of each project. They provide our customers not only with advice based on the project and the destination size, features and resistance of the bolts and fasteners, but also with the best quality in the industry for their investment.

Screw Distributors

We can proudly say that our bolts are used globally, in all five continents

Online Fastener Company

We are leading suppliers of all types of stainless and carbon steel bolts and fasteners.

Our 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 coated carbon steel parts deserve a special mention.

We also offer a customized service to develop bolts and fasteners following the specifications of our customers to meet their projects’ requirements.

Multisector Fastener Distributor


To fasten parts and components in agricultural machinery such as tractors, planters, and harvesters.


To fasten components in solar panels, wind towers, and other equipment related to renewable energy production.


In the manufacturing and assembly of industrial machinery, as well as in the construction of metal structures such as bridges and buildings.

Metal silos

Essential in the construction and maintenance of metal silos, ensuring a secure and durable fastening of parts and components in these large storage facilities.

Comprehensive Industrial Fastener Service

We add a new competitive advantage by offering more and better solutions to our customers
Through a comprehensive service that includes specialized coating processes for all our screws and fasteners.

In the SNK Group, we have a branch dedicated to the coating of screws and other parts in ZnNi at our facilities in San Andreu de la Barca. We are the first in the industry to have the entire production process in our own facilities.

This means that we are much more agile in terms of quality and delivery times for each order. We are constantly conducting R&D studies in different applications to achieve the best results for our clients.

Therefore, we have developed our own JR 2000 coating.

Fasteners with JR 2000

JR 2000 - Latest generation Zinc/Nickel process

We also have a 10,000 m2 warehouse in Piera and a 5,000 m2 one in Sant Andreu de la Barca.

Industrial Fasteners in Barcelona

In our large and modern facilities, we have, without any doubt,
the best staff and technical resources to guarantee the most dynamic and efficient logistics, as well as the best customer service.

We operate mainly from our 3,000 m2 facilities in Prat del Llobregat.

We also have a 10,000 m2 warehouse in Piera and a 5,000 m2 one in Sant Andreu de la Barca.

We operate mainly from our 3,000 m2 facilities in Prat del Llobregat.

We have not only a highly qualified team of experts in bolts and fasteners, but also the best machinery and advanced equipment to carry out our processes as efficiently and effectively as possible, while passing stringent quality and traceability controls, thus guaranteeing a perfect product.

We also offer a technical consultancy service from start to finish: From the moment we receive an order or develop a project according to custom requirements, until the product is delivered to the customer.

Another key aspect is the relationship with our partners. We work side by side with the most recognized domestic and international manufacturers and suppliers, and their manufacturing processes and quality undergo frequent and exhaustive controls. In order to work with us, each supplier needs the approval of the experts from our quality department.

Experts in Fastener Services

We are the best choice

for demanding projects with significant technical difficulties

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