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The considerable experience of our staff is one of our top competitive advantages. Our highly qualified, multidisciplinary professional team always work with continuous improvement in mind. They have earned us the best guarantee of quality: Our customers’ trust – and we know our shared efforts will help us keep a leading position in our industry.

Every day, we make a difference in our work

by staying true to the values stated in our corporate philosophy

All of us at SNK Systems share the same corporate DNA, based on a business strategy with two cores: Research of our market and continuing education to keep up with the latest trends and innovations in our target industries, and with the latest regulations that affect our job.


At SNK System, we take personal attention to the next level by leveraging our expertise in bolts and fasteners for a range of industries to set up custom solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.


For us, a deal is a deal. We are true to this principle with our staff, customers and suppliers, by being fully transparent in all of our operations, in order to keep building relationships based on trust.


We are fully aware that only through close and open cooperation we will be able to keep growing. This is why we work in sync as parts of a complex system, to maximize our potential.


Our highly competitive environment motivates us to keep learning in order to provide our customers with more and better bolting and fastening solutions, with the best coatings.


We reply on process optimization to maximize efficiency and provide solutions that match the specific requirements of our customers’ projects faster and within agreed deadline.


Thanks to our commitment to the continuous investment in new technologies, we grow in flexibility and we can offer our customers the utmost assurance about their investment in our bolts and fasteners.


Our stringent quality system is based on the ISO 9001:2015 international standard. Likewise, it is AENOR-certified, which means that we guarantee compliance with every quality requirement.

We meticulously and milimetrically

Look after each and every detail of our quality control-related processes

Our main goal is to provide our customers with top quality, certified bolts and fasteners.

In order to achieve this, we at SNK System have our own in house laboratory with testing equipment, where our technical staff makes sure that any materials entering and leaving our facilities meet our customers’ requirements.


Quality management system


Our team


Daniel Román


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Javier Román

Sales Director

Maite Román

Deputy director

José Román

Logistics Manager

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Esther García

Accounting Manager


Toni Donaire

Quality Manager


Elisabet Portillo

Sales Department

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